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Join the National Gay Wedding Association today! - "Weddings for Everyone" - Wedding Expo Begins June 1, 2022. Live July 13, & August 24, 2022.

The National Gay Wedding Association (NGWA), offers professional and educational resources to it's Members. The NGWA welcomes professional wedding & event creatives that are in invested in learning and implementing inclusive business practices for LGBTQ+ couples. No matter where you are in your inclusive awareness and understanding, the NGWA has a place for you. Start building your inclusive business practices today.

In the wedding & event industry we must learn appropriate language to talk about queer couples to understand innovative and new wedding traditions. We must reimagine the institution of marriage as it has existed sense the beginning. As advocates in the wedding and event industry, we must continue to pursue equitable standards for queer people across different cultures, and acquire new resources to support and uphold those standards by becoming aware, authentic and accountable to our couples. NGWA members put their inclusive knowledge to the test in our "Weddings for Everyone" - Wedding Expo!

For LGBTQ+ Couples, the NGWA provides a network of established Inclusive Wedding & Event Creatives and LGBTQ+ Advocates who provide invaluable experience and heart to engaged couples. Seeking inclusive wedding professionals begins with NGWA. Visit our portfolio of NGWA Members!

LGBTQ+ Couples are invited to attend Weddings for Everyone - Exclusively Inclusive LGBTQ+ Wedding Expo!
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Consider these statistics compiled from a recent survey that we conducted in conversation about LGBTQ+ couples:


Prefer the word “marriage” to be used when planning their wedding, instead of “gay-wedding.”


Live together an average of seven to nine years before getting married.


Pay for the wedding themselves, and have a higher combined income than straight couples.


Want to know BEFORE THEY SPEAK WITH YOU that you are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.


Use a friend or family member to marry them.


Keep their attire a surprise until their wedding day (lesbian woman).

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Our Story

Born out of the personal experience of our Founding President Ric Simmons, the National Gay Wedding Association began as a resource for LGBTQ+ couples navigating the wedding planning process as queer people. After the landmark victory of Obergfell v. Hodges in 2015, same-sex couples were guaranteed their constitutional right to marry in all 50 of the United States. Of course, this decision was followed by a series of challenges from local government and private business owners, making wedding planning difficult for queer couples who were still denied services around the country. Which still continues today.

Living in Texas at the time, Ric started “My Texas Gay Wedding” and eventually expanded to a national platform with “My Gay Wedding.” Soon realizing that despite the excitement from wedding vendors who wanted to implement inclusive business practices, there were very few resources available to make that possible within the wedding & event industry. National Gay Wedding Association answered the call to become the go-to source for wedding vendors and event professionals in search of LGBTQ+ specific resources and education on implementing inclusive business practices. The NGWA is your ally in the wedding & event industry to help educate you along the way.

Still today in 2022, couples are denied services for simply loving who they love. Ready to be a Wedding Advocate for LGBTQ+ couples?  Join us!

Our Mission

NGWA is a 501(c)3 non-profit professional association committed to creating inclusive awareness for wedding professionals through supporting partnerships, continuing education, and being an active advocate for LGBTQ+ couples in the wedding and event industry.


Kelly Balch


Kelly Balch Photography

To recognize individuals for their unwavering support of the Inaugural Inclusive Awareness Conference, the National Gay Wedding Association is proud to announce its first official list of Founding Members, Mentors, and Advocates. This list of prestigious wedding professionals represents individuals who are wholeheartedly and unselfishly dedicated to the National Gay Wedding Association’s mission and purpose. We offer them our deepest gratitude.

Sara Cunningham


Free Mom Hugs Founder

Meghan Ely


OFD Consulting

Holly Gray


Anything but Gray Events

Bron Hansboro


The Flower Guy Bron

Jove Meyer


Jove Meyer Events

Tia Nash


Tia Nash Photography

Kirsten Palladino


Equally Wed

Jose Rolon


Jose Rolon Events

Milan Thakrar


Work With Milan-Consultant

Jaymes Vaughan & Jonathon Bennett

he/him & he/him

Advocates - Actors -TV Host

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