National & International Chapters

The National Gay Wedding Association Share The Love Chapter Partnership allows individuals around the world to develop a local chapter of the National Gay Wedding Association to support inclusive wedding professionals. Support for same-sex marriage is growing worldwide, and our global mission is to create a platform of inclusiveness and awareness. The NGWA is seeking Chapter Presidents and volunteers to help us share the love coast-to-coast and around the globe.

National & International Chapter President's will conduct monthly meetings and social events to create a community of like-minded wedding vendors in their community and region. Chapter Leaders will work with local members to develop and nurture a united community for engaged LGBTQ+ couples.
The NGWA will work closely with developing Chapters on support, education and creating LGBTQ+ advocates in the wedding industry.

Chapter Presidents and leaders are guided by the NGWA to support inclusiveness, awareness, education, and advocacy to Chapter Members.

Local wedding vendors interested in becoming local chapter members need to apply for membership with The National Gay Wedding Association.

Building a stronger community together!

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